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Full Audio of Citizen's Forum on Drug Addiction and Homelessness Now Available

Audio from Janelle's event Citizen's Forum on Drug Addiction and Homelessness is now available on YouTube. The event took place at Yost Park on Saturday, October 2nd and was open to the public. The original announcement for the event can be viewed here.

Discussion was focused on the link between drug addiction and homelessness; the role of non-profits, social services and law enforcement in helping addicts get off the streets and into recovery; and the stories of recovered addicts, the challenges they overcame, and how they ultimately found healing and hope.

Featured panelists included Mike Kersey, President of Courage to Change (Snohomish County); Ken Thomas, police officer with Arlington, WA Police Department and member of the Community Outreach Team; Shane Dougherty, Associate Director of New Heart Foundation (Edmonds); and Alan Hardwick, former Acting Assistant Chief of the Edmonds Police Department. Jason Cockburn of Second Chance Foundation also spoke at the event.

Please consider supporting these incredible organizations as they help individuals in our community recover from addiction and transition into stable housing.

Full audio of the event (timestamped version available on YouTube):


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