Restore. Protect. Invest.


Janelle will ensure the people’s voice is being heard by restoring transparency, accountability, and common sense to our city’s government.


Janelle will protect the charm and environment of Edmonds.


Janelle will focus on investing in Edmonds’ economy, first responders and infrastructure improvements.


Janelle's Commitment to Edmonds

Janelle believes in straightforward, ethical, and transparent representation in city government. As a member of city council, Janelle pledges to always prioritize the practical needs of Edmonds and her residents over the demands of partisan interests, special interest groups, and herself. 

The events of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic collapse have brought unprecedented challenges and hardship to Edmonds, yet Edmonds has lacked transparent, effective, and unified leadership during the crisis. What Edmonds needs now, more than ever, are leaders that understand their constituents, bring good ideas to the table, leave divisive policies behind, and serve the true interests of the city. Restore, Protect, Invest is more than a slogan; it represents a vision that unites all of Edmonds.





Janelle will ensure the people’s voice is being heard by restoring transparency, accountability, and  common sense to our city’s government.

Transparency & Accountability

Edmonds is for everyone and Janelle is committed to prioritizing and serving our community first. The residents are the only special interest group the council should serve. In the current political environment, there has been a high degree of neglect from local leadership towards the needs of Edmonds. Janelle will strive to Restore transparency and accountability to build confidence in our city government. She will work collaboratively on community issues and our city’s needs.  Janelle supports true diversity and equity by listening to, and serving all the residents of Edmonds. 

Janelle is committed to open and honest dialogue between the council, mayor, and community. She is the kind of leader who picks up the phone, answers email, and listens to all parties impacted by council decisions. On the City of Edmonds’ Organization Chart, the residents of Edmonds are listed at the top for a reason; because the city’s job is to serve us first. Janelle will Restore city council’s focus back to addressing the concerns of you, the people of Edmonds.



Janelle will protect the charm and environment of Edmonds. 

“People live in Edmonds because of how special of a community we have. If we lose that, we lose Edmonds.”


Edmonds' Charm

It is no secret that Edmonds is one of the most desirable areas to live and work in the Puget Sound area. It is also no secret that housing has been a concern and large topic of conversation in our community. Increasing housing options is an important issue, but it should not come at the cost of losing Edmonds’ charm. Janelle is committed to getting input from all residents for future development. She will challenge and work to prevent irresponsible and unwanted development and infrastructure proposals. Janelle will strive to protect Edmonds’s residential-friendly zoning while exploring a variety of housing solutions.  She will also ensure business zoning is protected; after all, housing and jobs go hand in hand.


If you live in Edmonds to enjoy the charm, green spaces, scenery, and culture of this community, then Janelle is your candidate to protect these cherished aspects of our beautiful city. 

The Environment

Edmonds is located on a critical watershed for the Puget Sound. We must continue to protect it, and find additional ways to invest in our natural habitats for generations to come.  

Janelle received a degree from the Air Force Academy in Civil/Environmental Engineering, and has experience in the Air Force managing emergency disposal of 1960s era rocket fuel from major military installations. Her training in the military was to protect troops, civilians, and the environment from radiological, biological, and chemical hazards. Outside of the Air Force, Janelle worked with the FAA to improve flight paths in and out of major commercial airports. Janelle worked on the nationally recognized Greener Skies Initiative, and has also collaborated with Southwest, Alaska, and United Airlines to minimize environmental impacts of flight path modernization in Washington, Oregon, and Southern California. Programs that Janelle worked on at Sea Tac alone have reduced carbon emissions by approximately 26,000 tons a year! 

Janelle will bring to the council much needed engineering and scientific experience. Edmonds has a plethora of environmental issues from the restoration of our ecologically important marsh, to improvements of stormwater drainage systems and wastewater treatment centers, and so much more. As your councilwoman, Janelle, will focus her attention on these projects to make sure we position Edmonds to be the best environmental stewards possible. 



Janelle will focus on investing in Edmonds’ economy, first responders and infrastructure improvements.

Edmonds' Entrepreneurial Spirit

Janelle left a successful career with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to start a business where she saw an unmet need: Hyperbaric Therapy. While working at the FAA Janelle witnessed one of her close friends and Air Force Academy classmates battling a debilitating diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS). Janelle’s friend was using hyperbaric therapy to help alleviate the symptoms of MS and inspired Janelle to research into the science of Hyperbarics.  She concluded that more people could benefit from increased availability in our region. Janelle founded her business, Ohana Hyperbarics, in 2018. To date, Janelle’s business is helping improve clients’ lives who are battling autoimmune diseases, drug addictions, neurological conditions, and even recent Covid-19 “long hauler” sufferers. 

Just as Janelle is committed to the wellness of her clients, she is committed to the wellness of our business community. In the past year, Edmonds has gone through an unprecedented time dealing with the economic, medical, and social impact of Covid-19. As a board member of the Edmonds Chamber of commerce and as a small business owner and entrepreneur, Janelle will work with council and community stakeholders to invest wisely to support economic recovery and development.  We need council members who understand firsthand what is required to survive and recover from this Covid-19 pandemic.  Our business community has sacrificed an enormous amount, personally and professionally. As Edmonds continues to heal from the pandemic, Janelle’s commitment to Edmonds’s business owners is unwavering. Her focus is to bring our business community back to its former glory, and invest in an even brighter and better tomorrow. 

Community Safety

Another concern for Edmonds’s residents is the increasing crime and social challenges being driven north by unrest in the City of Seattle. As a neighbor to the North of the beautiful Emerald City, Janelle wants to collaborate with our neighboring communities where appropriate, but not at the expense of our safety and sense of community. Edmonds needs to stay committed to reducing crime and keeping our streets, schools, businesses, and homes safe. Janelle will invest in our First Responders so that they have the leadership, resources and skills necessary to keep Edmonds safe and welcoming to all.  


Janelle will bring scientific, engineering, and project management experience to streamline, improve, and responsibly plan infrastructure and development work for the future.  Being a locally elected official is often not a glamorous ordeal. Janelle knows that a lot of what is needed in a city council member is common sense leadership. As a small business owner and a former civil and environmental engineer in the United States Air Force, Janelle possesses these skills. Janelle’s commitment to infrastructure includes:  

  • Finding the most affordable and efficient construction and infrastructure improvement contracts. 

  • Keeping Edmonds beautiful and in harmony with our natural habitat. 

  • Not imposing new policies that negatively impact residential desires or business needs. 

  • An unwavering focus on making sure that our city’s basic needs and utilities are achieved at the highest possible quality for the best price for our taxpayers. 

Janelle’s question for every Edmonds infrastructure need is: Is this project necessary, and if so, is it being achieved in the most fiscally and environmentally responsible manner? 


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