Rising crime has affected most of us, whether it be a stolen catalytic converter, robbery, assault, local business victimized by shoplifting or worse. Soft on crime policies have emboldened criminals throughout Snohomish County and our state.


As a community we are seeing an escalation of those addicted to drugs in our neighborhoods, parks, business communities and near our schools. Our Police and Sheriff's Departments have literally been limited in their ability to arrest criminals because of policies passed in Olympia by the current majority, including my opponent.

As your Senator, Janelle will work to restore laws that enable our police and justice departments to arrest and prosecute those who break our laws and seek viable solutions for treatment and recovery for those afflicted with addiction. Please listen to the Homelessness And Addiction Forum hosted by Janelle Cass in Oct 2021 with a panel of experts that work with homeless and addicted, connecting them with services and helping with recovery.

Janelle will sponsor legislation to mitigate the environmental hazards damaging our natural resources, wooded areas and wildlife inhabitants from homeless encampments littered with discarded needles, trash, human waste and toxins, which are overlooked in the growing problem related to addiction in our community. 


Housing in our region is skyrocketing. Homes are hard to find, and supply cannot keep up with demand. While there is no easy solution for this, there are actions Janelle will address in Olympia to help: 

Lowering taxes: REET and Property taxes add to unaffordability, as do the cumbersome fees added to new construction costs, further contributing to the high cost of housing.

Condominium building is nearly non-existent due to frivolous lawsuits prohibiting developers from providing lower cost alternatives to residential housing. More action to encourage this alternative needs to be taken.

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While creative comprehensive planning is a must to accommodate our growing county, it is still important to maintain single-family residential zoning in our communities and our environment. Both Mukilteo and Edmonds residents have been vocal about keeping this type of housing option. The current 21st LD senator is sponsoring bills in Olympia to end single-family zoning and replacing it with unwanted density. Janelle is adamant that this planning be done at the local level, where residents can be more involved in the decision making. 

Density has not lowered housing prices in King County and has had a negative impact on many neighborhoods. The ability of our cities' infrastructures to accommodate density, the services needed to meet the growing numbers and the effect of the livability and desirability of our neighborhoods need to be considered.

As your next Senator, Janelle Cass will advocate to keep this out of the hands of state government, giving the power of these decisions to the people who live here.

Suburb Houses


Over 41,000 students have left our public schools in the last year. Why is this?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, while students learned through zoom classrooms, many parents saw what was and what wasn't being taught in their child's curriculum. Recent test scores in English, math, and science in Washington State have reflected a significant downturn in learning the fundamentals that are necessary for our children to succeed in life. At over $16,000 per student/per year, parents and taxpayers have a right to demand better results for our youth.


As your Senator, Janelle will fight for our kids and parents by demanding more accountability for our tax dollars and pushing meaningful reforms that get us back to teaching kids the basics.