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Edmonds business owner to run for state Senate against incumbent Sen. Liias
Feb 18, 2022, 3:35 PM | Updated: 3:36 pm

An Edmonds business owner, Janelle Cass, will be taking on incumbent Democrat Marko Liias for the state Senate in the 21st Legislative District.

When Cass joined the Jason Rantz Show, he jumped right into the issues, starting with one he says “Liias is responsible, in large part, for,” which is the ban on so-called high-capacity magazines.


Cass is opposed to that ban, and says she supports “all of our Constitutional rights.”

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Mukilteo SR-525 Bridge Replacement


State Senate, 21st L.D.: Cass has proven track record

  • Friday, March 11, 2022


Janelle Cass is running for State Senate in the 21st Legislative District. She is an Air Force Academy graduate in civil and environmental engineering. She is a business owner, Ohana Hyperbarics, understands finances and won’t be writing legislation or supporting projects that needlessly spend your tax dollars.

Janelle can boast of many accomplishments, but one I find most impressive is when she worked on a project with the Federal Aviation Administration. As an environmental engineer for the FAA Las Vegas Metroplex Airspace Redesign Project, she experienced the challenges of bringing together the FAA and the National Parks Service to agree on how airplanes should fly over sensitive areas of the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks. 

 Initially, the organizations wanted entirely different outcomes. With diplomacy and perseverance Janelle was able to encourage FAA management, unions and the airlines to develop a collaborative relationship with a variety of organizations. These included the National Parks, tribal nations, primarily the Hualapal Tribe, state Historic Preservation Offices, the state Department of Ecology, the Department of Defense at Nellie AFB, elected officials, the public and others. This massive collaborative effort resulted in reducing an average of 100 flights per day over the Grand Canyon and eliminated fights over Zion National Park altogether.

This example demonstrates Janelle’s ability to bring a variety of organizations, and people with differing opinions and desired outcomes together, to problem solve so in the end a decision is reached that benefits and serves all constituents. You too will be impressed.

Theresa Campa Hutchison


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Edmonds Business Owner, Janelle Cass announces her run for Senate in the 21st Legislative District


Janelle Cass announces she will be running against incumbent Marko Liias for senate in the 21st Legislative District. Janelle is a United States Air Force veteran and Edmonds business owner who serves on the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and on the Edmonds Tree Board.

Janelle is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy with a degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering. After her Air Force service, she worked for 12 years in the FAA managing millions of tax dollars for environmental protection projects. These included minimizing the impacts of airplane noise and reducing hundreds of thousands of tons of emissions. Janelle’s expertise in creating positive outcomes by unifying diverse entities including residents, major airlines, management, unions, Tribal Nation Leaders, Dept of Ecology, and other federal and state organizations, make her uniquely qualified to address many of the problems facing our communities and state today.

“People are upset by the bad legislation coming out of Olympia, which is putting undue burden on families and individuals. Anti-police and soft-on-crime laws coming from the majority party contribute directly to escalating crime and more drug addicts in our state,” Cass stated. “High taxes are negatively impacting all of us....Read full Press release here

Janelle Cass Homeless and Addiction Forum Oct 2, 2021

needles small.jpg

Audio from Janelle Cass's event Citizen's Forum on Drug Addiction and Homelessness is now available on YouTube. The event took place at Yost Park on Saturday, October 2nd and was open to the public.


Discussion was focused on the link between drug addiction and homelessness; the role of non-profits, social services and law enforcement in helping addicts get off the streets and into recovery; and the stories of recovered addicts, the challenges they overcame, and how they ultimately found healing and hope.


Featured panelists included Mike Kersey, President of Courage to Change (Snohomish County); Ken Thomas, police officer with Arlington, WA Police Department and member of the Community Outreach Team; Shane Dougherty, Associate Director of New Heart Foundation (Edmonds); and Alan Hardwick, former Acting Assistant Chief of the Edmonds Police Department. Jason Cockburn of Second Chance Foundation also spoke at the event.


Please consider supporting these incredible organizations as they help individuals in our community recover from addiction and transition into stable housing.